Our Approach

Our leadership development programs are designed to be flexible and align with the emergent needs of individual participants. This ensures that our programs remain realistic, relevant and grounded within participants’ specific work contexts.

We specialise in providing issues-based executive learning group programs where participants harness the collective wisdom of peers to overcome the challenges that inhibit their effectiveness as leaders.

Our approach is grounded in the principle of real people working through real issues in real time’.

Our Philosophy

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We believe that a leadership culture that fosters productive working relationships based on trust and respect should be a strategic imperative for organisations. This is particularly true when organisations are faced with the need for transformation and renewal.
It is our contention that productive relationships are essentially learning relationships in which the participants share relevant information and facilitate informed choice in order to make wise decisions and take effective action. This is a process of mutual learning.
This practice of mutual learning has a transformational impact on relationships and provides a highly effective approach to enhancing leadership effectiveness in a manner which builds trust and respect.

Effective Leadership

As an organisation, we are deeply committed to assisting senior executives and managers in becoming more effective as leaders. We believe this is most productively achieved by developing their capacity to cultivate productive working relationships based on trust and respect. To this end all our service offerings are based on the research-validated mutual learning approach.

Research Validated

The mutual learning approach has stood the test of time since being researched and developed by Chris Argyris and Donald Schon several decades ago. There remains a significant and growing interest in their work by leading organisational scholars and practitioners internationally, leading to ongoing publication of further well-researched applications.

Operating Principles

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Our programs are based on the following Operating Principles:

Organisational Impact
We link the participant’s behaviour and that of his or her team to bottom-line goals.

Appropriate Depth
We engage the issues at the appropriate level and avoid superficial solutions.

Realistic and Relevant
By applying the material presented to work-related issues, program participants have the opportunity to ground their learning experience in their specific work environment.

Results Orientation
We help participants focus on what matters most in achieving organisational success.

Emphasis on Partnership
We actively support participants in their journey towards greater competence and effectiveness.

Confront Reality
We engage participants in the specific challenges they are confronted with.

Learning and Growth
We highlight the gaps between desired and actual performance and provide opportunities for learning and growth to be identified and focused on.

“I now have a much greater insight into the concept of leadership and some very thought-provoking ideas about difficult conversations.”

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