What We Do

We work with leaders and their teams to enhance the efficacy of their leadership and their quality of working relationships. We develop their ability to respond skilfully to their most complex challenges when the stakes are high and uncertainty abounds.

We provide a range of leadership development, facilitation and coaching services that foster collaborative working relationships and develop cultures of commitment and accountability. We specialise in strengthening individual and organisational capacity to handle difficult situations constructively and work collaboratively across functional boundaries.

We work collaboratively with our clients to improve organisational performance by enhancing both their individual and collective leadership effectiveness. Our programs are tailored to respond appropriately to their unique needs and their specific organisational context. Our engagements are designed to be relevant and realistic.

How We Help

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We help business leaders achieve results and stay focused on what matters most by:

Team Alignment To Organisational Goals

Providing executive leadership forums, programs, workshops, focus meetings, mentoring and coaching, facilitation and assessment to assist in illuminating, clarifying and resolving challenges that may impede effective leadership and management performance

Experiential Learning Group Programmes

Creating supporting and challenging learning environments that allow participants to engage in open, honest dialogue in an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidentiality

Environments Of Trust And Respect

Confronting the real issues and engaging participants with their specific leadership challenges

Executive Learning Group Programmes

Providing experiential learning opportunities focused on desired leadership outcomes connecting leaders and their teams and aligning them with organisational goals.

“The real value was to see and experience the growth of each of my colleagues as we all individually acknowledged our development. The ability to impact a group with a broad professional experience and knowledge and for them to acknowledge the benefit and growth was truly inspiring and gratifying.”

Leadership Development Services

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Executive Forums

Membership-based Executive Leadership Forums that bring together Chief Executives, Managing Directors and other Senior Executives from different businesses and government sectors on a monthly basis to harness the collective wisdom of peers to work through their key challenges.

Learning Group Programs

Internal, issues-based programs for corporates. Senior executives and managers from different parts of the organisation area brought together and provided opportunities for leaders to enhance their effectiveness by collaborating with peers while working on real issues in real time.

Integrated Leadership Program

Muti-component, integrated program tailored to the unique needs of the client. The program typically consists of an Action Learning Group program, a Mental Health, Wellness and Resilience program, a Relational Leadership program and a Structural Dynamics program.

Leadership Workshops

Half, single or multiple day workshops focussed on strategic aspects of leadership development and their impact on organisational performance.

Focus Meetings

Structure half-day meetings that are designed to highlight priorities and keep leaders and their executive teams focused on them.

Executive Coaching

Individual 1.5 hour mentoring and coaching sessions aimed at assisting leaders in the development of their leadership skills in areas that impact on their performance.

Group Coaching

Two-hour group coaching sessions to assist leaders and managers in developing leadership skills within a small group format.

Leadership Assessment

Evidence-based leadership development programs based on individual 360, team leadership and organisational leadership culture assessments.


Half, single or multiple day facilitation of customised strategic leadership dialogues that are focused on client specific needs.

Strategy Development

Facilitation of a customised strategic planning process culminating in the development of a strategic plan for the organisation.

Leadership Programs

Facilitation of customised leadership development programs on selected leadership themes, including: Mutual Learning Leadership, The Respect Effect, Difficult Conversations, Effective Feedback and Cultivating Emotional Balance.

Team and Development Programs

Facilitation of customised programs aimed at enhancing team effectiveness base on Structural Dynamics and utilising individual and team assessment instruments.

Our Results

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For more than a decade,  9 out of 10 participants have consistently reported that our learning group programs are ‘highly to extremely effective’ at:

  • Creating an environment that encourages open, honest dialogue
  • Fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect, trust and confidentiality
  • Providing opportunities to pause and reflect on their role and effectiveness as leaders
  • Addressing the challenges they face as a leaders
  • Strengthening their working relationships with their colleagues
  • Enhancing their ability to collaborate with their colleagues
  • Facilitating information sharing and problem solving within their group
  • Enhancing their understanding of their colleagues and the challenges they face
  • Enabling them to reflect on their leadership practices and their development as leaders
  • Enhancing individual and collective leadership effectiveness
  • Encouraging the development of values-based leadership behaviours
  • Enhancing the level of trust and support their share with their colleagues
  • Strengthening their relationships with their colleagues
  • Developing a network of trusting relationships within their organisation
  • Enhancing their effectiveness as leaders
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